Project Management

Thorough management of your office furniture installation - large or small, is extremely critical. It’s shouldn't be a matter of some truck driver showing up "unannounced" with a truckload of furniture asking, “hey dude, where do want us to put all these boxes?”  

From the moment you decide to do business with Happy's, we will immediately begin to establish rapport with your architect, your builder, sub-contractors & all the additonal “trades”.  From the initial planning of your project all the way to completion of your project, we'll always strive to analyze and work our furniture installation plan in a timely fashion to keep your project moving forward.

We work closely with all our furniture manufacturers to schedule the arrival of their furniture shipments long before they arrive on site. By doing so, the furniture arrives "on time and in time" in order to establish an orderly,  “low impact” plan. We don’t take our responsibility lightly – we will “care” for your project as if it were our own. No installation ever goes without a “hiccup” or two!  We handle all the "hiccups" with dispatch & detail. After 55 years in the business, we’ve come up with a slogan – “the impossible sometimes take a little longer”!  We will work around & through all obstacles & will ultimately make it happen!