Factory-Trained Installation

All our team of well-seasoned professionals, are factory-trained and certified in all aspects of delivery, handling, assembly and installation of all our furniture lines. We have a combined 153 years of experience in the office furniture industry. There are times when our office furniture manufacturer’s send in their “field services” team to assist us in areas of warranty work or perhaps just “fine tuning” an installation to your satisfaction. It’s all in the "details"!  Because it's all about making and keeping you a “Happy” customer! 

In the ever changing business world, we all must be ready to “turn on a dime”! That means Happy’s not only sells and installs new office furniture, we can also handle your furniture reconfiguration changes whenever necessary. If you simply must make room for more folks in your organization, give us a call, we’ll consult and plan with you & do our best to make it happen, if at all possible.